Cruise on the Lycian Coast
Cruise on the Lycian coast
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Cradle of coastal navigation, the coast of the former Lycia is the most beautiful part of the southern coast of Turkey. The Taurus mountains plunge into the sea and draw an enchanting white rocks, pine trees and oleanders around archaeological sites of the Lycian civilization still still not well known and generally those of the Greco-Roman period, including the best preserved coastline. The region has very many hidden treasures in the hollows of unforgettable natural sites. She lets herself pleasantly discover the sea, sailing in the footsteps of Phoenician, Greek and Roman who carried their precious goods throughout the Aegean.

Ourselves comfortably installed in a sailboat, it is through these ancient roads sea ​​as we approach this area rich in vestiges remained very wild. It is a ideal tour for the summer season. During the day we do between 2 and 3 hours of hiking, walking on mule trails traced by the shepherds on the mountainside, with a view over the sea. In passing we discover ancient sites and ruins scattered here and there, with the privilege of entering into the background of those who are only accessible by foot or boat. An unique journey that will certainly remain forever in your memories.


  • The exceptional coastline of Lycia, the cradle coastal navigation of Minor Asia
  • Mediterranean at 30 ° c
  • Ancient sites
  • Coasting on a traditional boat (Gulet) in the Aegean Sea
  • Day 1 Dalaman / Bodrum
  • Day 2 Göcek - Camlıkoy Bay
  • Day 3 Çamlikoy Bay - Ekincik
  • Day 4 Semizce - Binlik Bay
  • Day 5 Binlik Creek- Yassicalar
  • Day 6 Yassicalar - Kayakoy - Gemili
  • Day 7 Island of Gemili - Fethiye
  • Day 8 Dalaman/Bodrum
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