Coast of the ancient Lycia
Coast of the ancient Lycia
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Lycia is probably the most beautiful coastal region of the country. Luminous, bathed by the Mediterranean, its strengths are many and varied: a landscape of creeks and steep mountains (from Fethiye to Antalya, the chain of Taurus plunges directly into the sea), ancient ruins scattered in the nature demonstrating the presence of multiple civilizations, Lycian and especially Greco-Roman and Seljuk Turkish but also Ottoman. Lycia is also the face of modern Turkey and is open to the world, welcoming and warm people whom you share the enthusiasm around a tea, a meal under a sunny weather or a small glass of raki. For this path of 8 days the hiker walks along the famous Lycian way on trails in balcony over the Mediterranean. Between walking and small hops, you will discover all the riches of the Lycian coast: breathtaking scenery, ancient sites sometimes only accessible on foot, and the sun of course!

  • The old town of Antalya, a jewel of Ottoman architecture
  • Landscapes of rugged coastline, sometimes impressive.
  • Ancient sites
  • A path across the Lycian coast
  • Day 1 Antalya
  • Day 2 Phaselis - Cirali Beach
  • Day 3 Myra - Kekova
  • Day 4 Aperlea
  • Day 5 Saklikent Gorge - site of Pinara
  • Day 6 Alinca - Faralya
  • Day 7 Faralya - Ölüdeniz - Dalyan
  • Day 8 Dalaman
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