The Mount Ararat
The Mount Ararat
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» In the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat.

(Genesis 8, 4)

You do not climb to Ararat. We descend from it. We all are, it seems back-grandchildren of Noah. The decor is planted. For mystics the Mountain of Ararat is sacred par excellence, the abode of the Most High, to the point to search any crevice in search of small remains of craft. To skeptics, its 5165 meters crowned with pure snow is enough to impose its respect. This is worth the trip.

You’ll understand Ararat is not a mountain like others and climb the summit has special significance. But no matter what motivates the climb, it is a true mountain race that awaits you, relatively committed to midst of an impressive landscape, between Iceland and Mongolia in the East of Turkey as it remind us the great palace of Ishak Pasha, a marvel of Islamic art in Turkey, the palace of Miles and a Night.

  • Total chance of scenery in the East of Turkey.
  • The ascent of Mt Ararat, Turkey's top.
  • The palace of Ishak Pasha.
  • Day 1 Istanbul
  • Day 2 Istanbul - Van - Dogubeyazit
  • Day 3 Dogubeyazit - camp I of the Mount of Ararat (Yesil Camp 3200m)
  • Day 4 Camp I - camp II - camp I
  • Day 5 Camp I - camp II (Yasser Camp)
  • Day 6 Camp II - mount of Ararat (5165 m) - camp I
  • Day 7 Camp I  - Eli - Van
  • Day 8 Van - Istanbul - France
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